How to take measurements

Check our  size chart to find out which size fits you the best. If in doubt, send us your measurements and we'll make sure before shipping the product, that everything fits well. Size alterations and made-to-measure orders are also possible.

We need measurements for chest, waist and hips. Skirt lenght is only needed if original length of the skirt has to be altered. 

How to measure?  

  1. Chest. Please wear the same bra you are going to wear with the product you are going to order. Make sure that measuring tape is straight both in front and back (you can use mirror or ask somebody to help you). 
  2. Waist. Measure at the thinnest place, approximately 2cm above bellybutton.  
  3. Hips. Measure at the widest place. 
  4. Lenght of the skirt or trousers. Measure from the same place you measured your waist. Make sure you don't bend forward while measuring, otherwise your skirt will be shorter than intended. Use measuring tape looking straight at the mirror or ask someone to help you. 
  5. Lenght of the sleeve. Measure from the tip of the shoulder.